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A journal where you can learn what I'm up to on my books, giveaways, fun things I'm doing or even my own personal devotional for the day. It's a broad mix of what's on my mind, allowing me to feel a little bit closer to some of the most important people in my life -- YOU! So please stop by from time to time, and if you have questions or comments, I'd love to hear from you via the "Contact Julie" tab or via my Facebook page.  Hugs, Julie




Sweet thunderation!

Where’s a cattle prod when you need one?

—The Cousins McClare: Book 1, Dare to Dream

By Julie Lessman

Well, it almost always happens, you know. What, you ask? A publisher changing your original title. My agent told me it happens most of the time, and I think she threw a percentage range at me of 85 to 95 percent. About killed me on the "Daughters of Boston" Series because all of my titles were Scriptures hand-picked to reflect a theme I sowed throughout the entire book. PLUS each title (including the series title) had the word “wind” in it because of my love for Gone With the Wind and the idea of wind symbolizing the Holy Spirit. Great reasons, all.

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 One Woman. Two Men.

One stirs her pulse and the other her faith.

But who will win her heart?

A Light in the Window: An Irish Christmas Love Story

By Julie Lessman

WOW, what a week!! First … I finished book 1 of The Cousins McClare, Dare to Dream, and am now awaiting feedback from my husband and a dear friend. So far, Keith loves it and says every time he opens the binder, he feels like he freefalls into 1902 San Francisco with the salty smell of the sea and the clang of trolleys, so that’s a good thing, right?

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"Nothing great in the world

has been accomplished without passion."

Georg Wilhelm

WHEW … been a busy week, how ‘bout you?? Spent a good part of it staying with my sweet mother-in-law who is recovering from a fall, and talk about a labor of love! I LOVE this woman and quite frankly, there’s no “labor” involved whatsoever when it comes to spending time with her, God’s truth. But when I returned home again? Oh, yeah, lots of laundry, cleanup and writing tasks piled higher than the dust and the dishes! That said, I’m taking a free pass on writing a Journal Jot this week and revamping one of my old Seeker blogs below instead because honestly, it’s a subject near and dear to my heart and ALWAYS relevant.

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“Be strong and courageous. Do not fear or be in dread of them,

for it is the LORD your God who goes with you.

He will not leave you or forsake you.” 

Deuteronomy 31:6

One of my older sisters once told me something my mom told her, but since my mom died when I was sixteen, I can’t confirm it, so I am getting this second hand. But apparently when I was a baby, my mom took me to a convent to see a friend of hers right after I was born. While Mom was holding me in the chapel area, an old nun walks up to her and peeks at the baby in her arms (me) and asks to hold me. Cradling me in her arms, she said something to the effect of: “Oh my, this child will lift up the Lord’s name one day.”

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What wilt thou that I shall do to thee?”

And he said, “Lord, that I may see.”

Luke 18:41

Okay, let’s admit it—how many of you looked at the date today and felt the faintest of shivers travel your spine? Friday the 13th, the high holy day in the religion of superstition—to some, not the best day to embark on anything new, apply for a job, buy a car or take a trip. And yet, it’s just another day, one whose importance is based on our perspective and how we see it. Not at all cracked up to be what it’s supposed to be.

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