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Monday, February 10, 2014

YIKES ... it's Valentine's Week, and believe it or not, despite being a romance writer, I have never put much stock in Valentine's Day.

To me, love is something we should be giving away every day of the year because God knows that sometimes it's in short supply in our world. So I wanted to just pop in today to give you a few fun things that made me smile, made me cry, and touched my heart, all love-related. May each one be a hug from me to you!

1.) First, I wanted to let you know that my dear friend and mentor, Joy Bollinger, has posted another anointed article on my blog called The Promise Keeper, so I hope you take the time to read it. Just scroll down till you get to the February posting and be blessed!

2. ) Secondly, a big hug to a reader friend of mine, Ms. Linda Finn, who sent me a link to an article entitled Eight Health Benefits of Kissing that I thought was fun, especially point #5 where you can burn calories by kissing! Now that's the kind of weight-loss program I want to be on!! ;) 

3.) Another good friend, Sue Hamilton, sent me a Billy Graham video that reduced me to tears (not a particularly difficult thing to do with this CDQ, but a touching piece, nonetheless), so I hope you will check it. 

4.) Finally, before I disappear from the promo scene till next fall when Surprised by Love comes out (cover reveal coming on Journal Jots on 2/21 hopefully), I have a handful of giveaways left where you can win your choice of any of my books, so take advantage!


COMING!! FINAL "FREE DOWNLOAD" OF ROMANCE-OLOGY 101 ON FEBRUARY 12-16, SO MARK YOUR CALENDARS!!  Award-winning author Mary Connealy says, "this is a writing book that needs to be on the shelf of every author because nobody does romantic tension better,” so get your copy “hot” off the e-press HERE February 12-16 only. 


FEBRUARY 3-17, 2014:

So, what's the "perfect kiss"? Join me for my answer in this blog article/giveaway of your choice of my books including my newest release, Dare to Love Again, at Carla Laureano's blog, All Things Romance. Hope to see you there! 


FEBRUARY 12 - 15 (at noon), 2014:

Win your choice of my books on the Seekerville blog, when my Valentine's Day blog topic is "Not So Stupid in Love," or exploring the spiritual side of a hero.


FEBRUARY 13-15, 2014:

Join me for an interview/giveaway of your choice of my books including my newest release, Dare to Love Again, at Carole Jarvis's The Power of Words blog. Hope to see you there!


FEBRUARY 14 - 28, 2014:

Join me for an interview/giveaway of your choice of my books including my newest release, Dare to Love Again, at the Remain in His Love blog. Hope to see you there! 


I wish each of you a most blessed Valentine's Day, and may our focus be on the love God gave to each of us through His Son, which I guarantee is far more satisfying and lasting than flowers and chocolates.





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